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Taneka Mackey

Current Player:

Xiaowen Yin

Where did you grow up?

Nassau, Bahamas

Favorite Golf Course

The Olympic Club in San Francisco

Golfing and caddie background:

In January 2017, I was an assistant coach at a community college, and there was an LPGA event played in the Bahamas. I signed up to be a local caddie and got randomly paired with Amy Olson. I loved caddying and I said I can do this one week a year, but a few weeks later Amy texted me and asked if I would want to do about 5 more events that she didn’t have a caddie for. In December Amy sent me another text asking if I could do the Bahamas event again and said how would you like to caddie in Australia? Fast forward to 2023 I’m still on Amy’s bag.

What do you love about caddying?

You get to travel the world, and watch the greatest female golfers live and up close.

Interesting caddie story:

I started golf when I was 10, and made the Bahamas National Team in 6 months, and got to travel to the Dominican Republic. I honestly didn't like golf, the only reason why I kept playing was to make the National Team to travel around the Caribbean. Basketball was my favorite sport, and I played through my freshman year of college.

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