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Jason Mcdede

Current Player:

Nelly Korda

Where did you grow up?

Melbourne, Florida

Favorite Golf Course

Mission Hills Country Club, Rancho Mirage, CA

Golfing and caddie background:

I got into caddying through Vicky Hurst. I played a lot of golf with her, and at the time was in the golf business. She asked if I could help out for 2 weeks so I took a leave of absence from my work, and after those 2 weeks never went back to work.

What do you love about caddying?

I like the process of going and scouting the golf course, and using that information to develop a game plan to suggest to your player. Helping them with that information on how to play the golf course is so hands on without actually hitting a golf short; hence, basically I really enjoy the preparation side of things.

Interesting caddie story:

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