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Jack Clarke

Current Player:

Anna Nordqvist

Where did you grow up?

Grew up in a small town called Rayleigh in Essex (1 hour east of London)

Favorite Golf Course

My favorite golf course would have to be Old Head in Kinsale, Ireland.

Golfing and caddie background:

Been into golf since I was 5 years old. Didn't take the game seriously until I was 12-13 before turning professional myself at the age of 18. I stopped playing when I was 27 due to injuries and ever since then I've been caddying.

What do you love about caddying?

What I love about caddying is the fact that I'm still very much involved with the competitive side of the game, and just having a great time on the fairways with other golf lovers.

Interesting caddie story:

I've got a few stories which are probably not suitable for the public, but having a nice career myself with golf, and lucky enough to have met some of the greats in the game. One time I got the pleasure of being around Nick Faldo for a period of time (being a previous Faldo series winner) and he taught me so much about the game, and what can be improved in my game; all that he said to me and I still remember to this day, was "hard work always prevails" which is a true statement in many ways.

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