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Drew Ernst

Current Player:

Grace Kim

Where did you grow up?

Seneca, SC

Favorite Golf Course

Wade Hampton Golf Club

Golfing and caddie background:

In 2013, I was trying to play professional golf and I had a week off. My sister, Austin, was a rookie. She asked me to work the Bahamas while she was between caddies. She liked having me on the bag and offered me to stay on full-time. I played my last event as a professional a few weeks later, and I’ve been caddying ever since.

What do you love about caddying?

I love helping my player get the most out of their game and to have a chance at contending on Sunday for a chance to win.

Interesting caddie story:

I offered to caddie for Austin in a US Open qualifier while she was still in school at LSU. She had just played Curtis Cup, so she kept the team bag despite it being poorly made. I had made us peanut butter sandwiches since we had 36 holes to play that day. When Austin went to grab one out of the bag, she saw it was slightly smushed and said, “I’m not eating that,” and chucked it back in the bag. I called our dad and told him how I would never caddie for her again! Moral of the story is to never say never because I caddied for her from 2013-2022.

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