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David Taylor

Current Player:

Yuna Nishimura

Where did you grow up?

Dingwall, in the Highlands of Scotland.

Favorite Golf Course

St. Andrews (Old Course)

Golfing and caddie background:

Played golf from the age of 5 out of Fortrose & Rosemarkie GC as a Junior, representing the North of Scotland before putting the clubs to one side whilst played semi pro football (soccer) and then going traveling.

What do you love about caddying?

I get paid to do something I love whilst I get to travel the world…it doesn't feel like a real job.

Interesting caddie story:

I got into professional caddying by not letting a childish bet go. Whilst playing juniors I made a bet with Kelsey MacDonald, who plays on the LET, that if one of us made it pro, the other would caddy. She did, and I didn’t let the bet go. I use to take time off from work as a Sound Engineer in Glasgow Scotland, where I worked with artists such as Snoop Dogg and Blondie, before rolling the dice full time as a caddy.

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