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David Brooker

Current Player:

Jin Young Ko

Where did you grow up?

From Leeds, Yorkshire, England. Moved permanently to USA in 2001, 5 years in Southern California. Ridgefield, Connecticut since 2006.

Favorite Golf Course

Augusta National

Golfing and caddie background:

Played recreationally in England since 8 years old, Soccer was always my first love and main sport but i played a lot in the summers.
After 3 years studying Architecture at college and wanting to take a break to reconsider my career options, i started caddying in 1992 after meeting a caddy on the LET by pure coincidence at a pro-am in England, he offered a ride in his camper van soon after to an LET event in Belgium and i jumped at the chance. I never went back to finish my degree!!

What do you love about caddying?

The Adrenalin rush of being in contention is hard to beat. As caddies, we have such an amazing opportunity to influence our players decision making…. its about as close as you can get to playing professional sport in my opinion.

Interesting caddie story:

Back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s there was another caddy who is also called David Brooker (no middle name and also lives in Connecticut). He had a fairly checkered past and actually married two former LPGA professionals. Let’s just say his history followed me wherever i went. In the summer of 2002 while both on the same plane in Europe headed for Sweden, we were both marched off the plane at gunpoint due to our identical names and his police record! I was originally signed with Leeds United Football Club as a kid. Golf was only my summer sport but after my injuries forced me out of football, and after 3 years of studying architecture at university, I had to find a way to get back into sports for my career. Would never have imagined I’d have a career in golf from where I was at 18 years old.

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