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Chad Payne

Current Player:

Peiyun Chien

Where did you grow up?

Bellefontaine, Ohio

Favorite Golf Course

My favorite course is any links golf courses in Scotland, or anywhere in Europe, but probably Royal Lytham is the favorite.

Golfing and caddie background:

I was a teaching golf professional in Dayton, Ohio and the tournament came to Dayton, and I signed up to be a local caddie. Anne Maria Palli was the player and she asked me if I wanted to continue caddying for her for the next 6 weeks; I said yes so I walked into my job on that Saturday and quit and on Sunday I was in Corning, New York caddying for her and she helped me get jobs from then on.

What do you love about caddying?

I love the traveling part of caddying and seeing the world.

Interesting caddie story:

When I was at Royal Lytham for the Women's British Open one year, and the exchange rate was 2 to 1. I went to McDonald’s and I was spending 30 pounds which was US$60 plus the food price to eat at McDonald’s due to the taxi charge there and back. I did it for 3 days until Jeff King told me that I was spending about $70 a day for McDonald’s and I did it for 3 days so I spent about $210 on McDonald’s for 3 days.

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