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Brad Beacher

Current Player:

Minjee Lee

Where did you grow up?

Newcastle, Australia, but now reside on the Gold Coast.

Favorite Golf Course

Turnberry (UK), Westchester Country Club (US), and New South Wales Golf Club (Australia)

Golfing and caddie background:

I had 2 cousins that used to play on tour; Karen and Mardi Lunn. They asked me to come out and caddie for a couple of years, and go back to playing golf myself, but I never did.

What do you love about caddying?

I love the adrenaline, being in the mix of competition, being in the hunt; ultimately being in contention to help my player succeed.

Interesting caddie story:

Interesting fact; I love Real Estate. When I am not caddying I enjoy buying and selling houses; the bigger the renovation the better.

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